Friday, July 30, 2010

Kids can drown in 20 seconds, experts warn as toll rises

Kids can drown in 20 seconds, experts warn as toll rises:

"OTTAWA — Twenty seconds. That's how quickly a child can drown, marking how fleeting the margin between life and death can be.

And this year, sadly, it has become all too common.

A two-year-old boy who drowned at a private daycare in Ottawa Wednesday is the sixth Ontario toddler to die in a backyard pool since mid-May. The deaths are part of a tragic trend that has seen 75 people drown in the province so far this year — 11 more than last year at the same point.
Nationally, 230 people have already drowned this year, compared to 194 last year at the same date.

'It has been a horrible year for drowning,' said Lesley Anderson, of the Red Cross.

Bad as the death toll on the water has been so far this year, it's almost certain to get worse, said Barbara Byers, the Lifesaving Society's public education director. 'The last 10 days in July and the first 10 days or two weeks in August are usually peak season (for drowning).'"

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