Monday, December 20, 2010

Calls for swim safety - Local News - News - General - Latrobe Valley Express

Calls for swim safety - Local News - News - General - Latrobe Valley Express: "AUSTRALIA'S Royal Life Saving Society is calling on all Latrobe Valley pool owners to ensure all safety standards are met, as toddler drowning rates have increased.
This year's annual drowning report shows that 33 children aged five years and under drowned in preventable tragedies last year and most of these drownings occurred in a backyard pool.

The study also found 80 per cent of home pools did not comply with safety standards and 70 per cent of the drownings were male.

``For every drowning death there is an estimated four hospitalisations and up to half of these toddlers will sustain permanent brain damage,'' the report states.

Owner/manager and teacher at Traralgon's Poolside Swimschool Michelle Ford said it was important to have all the safety standards in place and for parents to ensure their child knows how to swim.

``It is never too early to familiarise your toddler with water; it is about making your child aware that they can't go into the water without an adult and to feel safe and confident while in the water,'' Ms Ford said.

``You have to know where your kids are all the time. If they fall into the water it only takes a couple of seconds for them to drown and a lot of kids will drown in silence.''

Pool safety fencing is proven to keep children away from the pool when combined with parental supervision.

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