Thursday, December 16, 2010

Parents told to take safety steps to prevent drownings - Emergency Services - News - The Manly Daily

"EVERY year over the past five years an average of 30 toddlers have drowned, with half of those deaths occurring in backyard swimming pools.

The Royal Life Saving Society is this summer urging all local pool owners to be extra vigilant in protecting their young children from meeting the same tragic fate.

The organisation is calling on locals to check their pools for problems which may lead to drownings, with research showing up to 80 per cent of pools do not comply with the relevant safety standards.

Don Dwyer, from Poolwerx Manly, said while pool safety on the northern beaches was generally fairly good, parents needed to be careful their swimming pools remained a secure environment at all times.

“The main problem is with parents not paying attention,” he said. ” People prop the gate open and forget about it and then it’s over in a second.”

Mr Dwyer said another common problem that could lead to drowning was items being placed near fences that allowed young children to climb into pool areas.

“Toddler drowning can happen so quickly,” he said. “They’re there one minute and then bang. “They don’t sing out, especially very little kids, they go under and stay there.”"

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